Using Acer's little chart here, what type of PC buyer are you?


Acer, recently in the news because of its well-received Aspire One netbook, just held a press conference in Budapest—I’m only a two-hour flight away, hence my presence—talking about a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t necessarily apply to us here at CrunchGear. (Profit margins, possible acquisitions, sponsorships, etc.) One thing I want to immediately address is this slide, taken from the aforementioned, two-and-a-half hour press conference.

What I want to know, sports fans, is where you see yourself in Acer’s little chart? (Click here for a hi-res version of the photo.) My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that many of you fall into the Techno Leader profile—you troll gadget blogs all day, you actually read liveblogs of events, etc. Well, that many of you see yourself as a Techno Leader—maybe you don’t always have the money to buy the absolute latest video card or spiffy portable media player, but you would in a second if you had the money.

You’re a Techno Leader at heart, in other words.

My personal favorite from the six categories is the Practical & Value dude, who’s apparently only found in Germany (?). I guess zee Germans are all about getting things done as efficiently as possible, no fuss, no muss. And no frills, apparently. A long-standing stereotype of the German people, I think. At least it’s a positive one.