Twittermoms Shows Why Twitter Needs Groups


This is why Twitter needs groups.  After only 15 days, mothers are signing up at an astounding rate to Twittermoms.comAccording to its founder, the site’s growth has been unexpectedly strong, and about 39 percent of its 5,000-or-so daily users are considered “addicts” based on Quantcast figures.


So what gives?

Twittermoms is not what you think. It isn’t a Twitter clone for mothers. Instead, it’s a site where moms who Twitter can come together and talk about being mothers. It is a perfect demographic for Twitter, filled with people who have lots of real opinions based on experience and like to share them.  The site features discussion forums for those that want to chat about “The NEW Twitter” or “Pet Peeves” and offers groups based on interests. For example, some mothers choose to join the “Being Moms” group, while others joined the “Twins!” group.

Much like Twitter, the service has a timeline to show the site’s latest action and users can becomes friends with others, thus allowing them to get updates about the forum posts their friends have made, as well as the groups they’ve joined. (Update: It should be noted that all of the features that Twittermoms offers comes from Ning, an online service that specializes in helping companies create social networks.)


At its core, Twittermoms is basically a group for mothers who Twitter. Because of that, it highlights an interesting point: why hasn’t Twitter addressed its need for groups?, an enterprise micro-blogging tool we profiled yesterday offers group segmentation on its platform and the feature has proven to be one of the most useful on the service. And considering groups like Twittermoms are cropping up to bring like-minded Twitter users together, Twitter itself may want to start offering groups sooner rather than later.

If you’re a mom and you want to try out Twittermoms, the site is ready to bring you aboard.