In Microsoft's Advertising Corner, Ultimate Fighting Champion Rashad Evans

It looks like Bill Gates finally found someone who can fight for him. Now that Microsoft killed those awful Seinfeld ads and is finally punching back against Apple on the advertising front, it has someone you don’t want to mess with in its spokesman’s corner: Ultimate Fighting Championship bruiser Rashad Evans.

The mixed-martial arts fighter has recently been spotted entering the ring sporting a T-shirt with Bill Gates’ famous police mug shot. (His training gym in New Mexico is right next to Microsoft’s original headquarters). And he is going to be featured in some upcoming Microsoft ads. In fact, that might be him already making a cameo at the end of one of the new “I Am A PC” ads current running (second video embedded below).

Evans is definitely an improvement over Seinfeld in the spokesman category. His record in UFC fighting is 17-0-1. After knocking out his opponent Chuck Liddell earlier this month (see first video embedded below), he now has a shot at the title.

Microsoft should shoot an ad with him beating the crap out of the “I’m a Mac” guy.