Hubdub signs partner deal with Reuters

Hubdub, the UK-based news prediction market aimed exclusively at a US audience, has today won a partnership deal with Reuters. Hubdub allows users to trade predictions with virtual money on the outcomes of breaking news stories and future events. It will run a new, dedicated Reuters section within the site. Reuters will generate questions for users to trade on based on the latest breaking news, such as the 2008 presidential election. The deal makes a lot of sense – prior to this Reuters-sourced questions were already among the most popular on Hubdub. As with HubDub partners, there are tools and resources designed to help build a Reuters community within the site, including a “friends” application, comment capabilities, links to the top Reuters stories of the day and Reuters market widgets. Often HubDub prediction markets are quite accurate about the future because it aggregate thousands of trades. So far about two million “Hubdub dollars” are traded daily as a result. Some examples of Reuters questions on Hubdub are issues like “Which of these banks will be the next victim of credit crisis?