Case Logic intros TSA friendly laptop cases

The latest TSA security protocol allows laptop-touting travelers to keep their junk in their bag, but only pre-approved ones. Case Logic’s first batch offers up both a laptop case and sleeve options. Personally, if you already have a well-loved case, I would pick up the sleeve and all you would have to do is pull out the sleeve and not reveal your MacBook Pro to thieving eyes. Whatever you choose, Case Logic has ’em available on its website starting at $19. 

LONGMONT, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Case Logic, the leading innovator in organization solutions for consumer electronics, today announced the availability of cases and sleeves that allow travelers to easily go through security without removing their laptop computers. The introduction of these cases is in response to the new screening guidelines for carryon luggage recently implemented by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The TSA now allows travelers with Case Logics Security FriendlyTM cases to pass through security checkpoints without removing their laptop for individual inspection, helping travelers get through security lines at a faster pace. These Security FriendlyTM cases isolate the laptop computer so x-ray screeners have an unobstructed view of the laptop and can inspect it quickly and easily.

To help ease what can already be a hectic security process, Case Logic now offers two collections of Security FriendlyTM solutions: laptop cases that isolate the laptop computer in an individual compartment, and laptop sleeves that still require removal from a travelers carryon, but do not require removal of the laptop.

Our constant research and innovation surrounding travel and organization solutions allows us to quickly respond to the changing needs of our customers, says Doug Edwards, global category manager for Case Logic. Case Logic is excited to be among the first to offer laptop cases that comply with TSA guidelines and make the security checkpoint process easier and faster for our customers.

Case Logics Security FriendlyTM laptop sleeves and cases are available on

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