New Joost Launches Now. And Next Month Joost Will Be 100% Flash.

JoostThe new browser-based Joost, which we wrote about two weeks ago (screen shots here), launches this morning. The new Joost still requires a plug-in to facilitate P2P transfers of files (reducing Joost’s bandwidth costs and making high-demand live performances feasible).

There are lots of new community features in the new Joost, which we outlined in our previous post. Joost isn’t just moving to a browser format. They’re also creating a video based social network complete with Facebook-style activity streams that shows you friends what content you are watching, commenting on and “shouting.” See the video below:
Next Month: Joost Goes 100% Browser, No Plugin

Joost is also listening to feedback. Next month, says CEO Mike Volpi, Joost will offer a version of the service that doesn’t require any download at all. The new version, called Joost Standard, will have the same social features as the plugin version and will give access to all on-demand programming. The plugin version of the service will give users access to high definition programming and live-broadcast shows. Some international markets will require the use of the plugin to offset high bandwidth costs.

Both versions are free. Most users will likely just download the plugin over time, but this is a great way to introduce the service to more users without any friction.