Why, hello everyone in the world who makes Facebook apps

At 6:40 pm last night, a RockYou employee sent out an email to RockYou’s entire existing and potential advertising partners – 450 people in all. The email itself was a simple notice of RockYou’s new advertising website, and a request to “please change their ad tags to reflect the changes in our ad servers.”

Pretty run of the mill stuff, except RockYou included every email address in the CC field, providing every recipient (and everyone it’s been forwarded to, including us) with a complete contact list of every major application developer and potential advertiser on the Facebook platform.


Hundreds of reply-all’s flowed in. Some of my favorites:

Why, hello everyone in the world who makes Facebook apps.

LOL, did anyone else just get an email from Zynga asking if they wanted a job making games on FB? I love it. Also, which one of you is gonna sell to SpeedDate next? [several yes answers to the Zynga question followed]

Hmm, I didn’t get one. Sucks. Well, we’re hiring too: http://www.seriousbusiness.com. We have really big monitors. And nice chairs. And Ruby. And come on – hands down: WAY cooler logo.

zynga has even bigger monitors, even nicer chairs, and 2 chef cooked meals every day! and siqi is welcome, pending a grueling interview, of course ;)

You fucked us RockYou!

I’m down for a meet up too…Hows Palo Alto everyone? =)

Sounds good to me, I am in Palo Alto until Thursday afternoon if anyone is meeting up. “The Rock You Errant CC Spontaneous Meet Up”