Confirmed: Microsoft cutting Jerry Seinfeld ads tomorrow

We’ve confirmed with multiple sources that Microsoft will announce the second phase of their $300 million marketing campaign, which, unfortunately, axes Jerry Seinfeld. Waggener Edstrom confirmed the move tonight. According to WaggEd, Microsoft will spin it in a way that would make us believe that axing Jerry was the plan the whole time, which it is according to our sources out West.

Makes perfect sense if you ask me. Create two ads that make absolutely no sense at all that generate enough buzz and then you kill it. It makes everyone scratch their head and say “WTF?” Bravo, MS, bravo! I guess you guys aren’t as stupid as everyone thought you were. But what do you have lined up? I’m pulling for you, so don’t disappoint me and I’m a Mac fan!

UPDATE – The NYT is reporting that the first of the new commercials will feature a John Hodgman look-alike kvetching about PC stereotypes. Also look for Eva Longoria, Deepak Chopra, and Pharrell Williams to lend their stately visages to the upcoming commercials.