How to: Delete Apple's iPhone apps

I’m certainly nowhere near the cusp of 148 apps on my iP3G, but I know some of you are getting close or are already at the maximum. The process sounds pretty tedious, IMO, but if you’re really gung-ho about it then clear out 10 minutes or so of your day. Oh, and you’ll need 9 full pages of apps for this to work.

Move all unwanted apps to the bottom of the 9th page and do as Macenstein tells you.

Now, the key to deleting these apps is that you are not really deleting them so much as you are “banishing” them to the hidden 10th page on the iPhone. Kind of the iPhone version of Superman’s Phantom Zone, this 10th page is a virtual storage area that Apple includes for holding apps that you download if you happen to already have all 148 spaces (9 pages) full of apps. In order to banish apps to the Phantom Zone, you simply need to start “pushing” the icons off the screen. As you may have noticed in the past, when you drag an application from one page to another, it pushes all the apps on that page down to the right 1 space. Well, that’s what we are going to do here. Begin by making sure Page 8 has at least 1 more application on it than the number of apps you want to delete on page 9. Now, press and hold an application on page 8, causing the apps to wiggle, and then begin dragging applications from page 8 to page 9. As you release each application, you will see the bottom right-most app disappear. Keep moving apps over, bumping apps to the hidden 10th page until you have gotten rid of all the apps you do not want.