Amazee Is Facebook-meets-BaseCamp For Activists

Combine Facebook Causes pages with Basecamp and the ability to take PayPal and credit card donations, and what do you get? Zurich-based startup Amazee comes out of beta today with a “collaboration platform” which allows people to organize, track, promote and fund projects of any size.

As well as taking donations, projects can also sell banner ad space on their home pages and the revenues are shared between the project and Amazee. Additional functionalities like the ability to run closed projects and advanced search will attract a fee of $19.95 for three months. The site is headquartered in Zurich and has an office in San Francisco.

Amazee has also been signed up to provide the social platform which will back Chicago’s bid of the 2016 Olympic games (it’s down to the final four), aiming at students to create content for the “Why Chicago” competition.

Update: Looks like Amazee will be kind’ve competing, in various guises, with sites like, dotherightthing and Six Degrees.

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