Two New Visual Tools To Make Craigslist Even Better

We’ve come across two new services that help make perusing Craigslist even easier by focusing on the images that are included with many listings. Craigslist notes which listings have images attached to them, but you must click through to the listing to actually see them. Both of these tools help you see the images up front, before actually clicking on the listings. That saves time, and clicks.


CLHack is a destination site that pulls in Craigslist listings and lets users view them by photos. Hover over any photo and expand the view. Click it to pull up listing content. Users can search only listings with photos, browse by price, and search full text or titles only.

This is a really useful way of checking out Craigslist content. However, much like the ill-fated Craigs Little Buddy, which was banned in August, there’s a very good chance Craigslist will be banning them too. So don’t get too comfortable with it just yet.


CraigsToolbox is a really useful tool that any heavy Craigslist user will want to start using right away. It’s a plugin for Firefox and IE that changes the experience on Craigslist directly, so you just continue to go to the site directly. The difference is, listings with photos are pulled right into the results page, so you can view them before clicking. The plugin is free to try, and costs $9.99 after a free trial period.

The demo video below shows it in action. And unlike CLHack, CraigsToolbox is unlikely to be banned. First because it’s harder, and second because its effectively just a GreaseMonkey-like change that doesn’t decrease user engagement with the site.