TechCrunch50 (DemoPit): MyJambi Founder Fetches Coffee For Other Startups


Last week at TechCrunch50, a slew of great companies were showing off their services in the DemoPit. And although not all of them were able to fully show off how their sites could work on-site, one company, MyJambi, was lucky enough to do just that.

MyJambi is a social marketplace where users can buy and sell services online without the use of anonymous service postings. Anything from childcare to cooking lessons is available for purchase on the site now, which is currently matching about 9,000 buyers and providers since its launch last week.

Once you sign up for an account on MyJambi, you have the option of either providing services for a set fee or looking for people that provide services you’re looking for. Once you find one, you can hook up with that person who will then perform the service.

Privacy and safety issues aside — you are inviting people you don’t know into your home, after all — MyJambi has already been put to good use. According to the company’s founder, his “coffee retrieval” skills were shown off at TechCrunch50 when the team at SuggestionBox bought his services at the conference.

For a fee of $5 per coffee run, the SuggestionBox team sent MyJambi’s founder to the local Starbucks to pick up some coffee. And just as the company promises, it worked as advertised — the founder performed the service and the SuggestionBox team paid up once it was satisfied.

It looks like TechCrunch50 really is more than a launching pad for your startup.