Study shows business travelers prefer their BlackBerry to their loved ones

Outside of Thanksgiving, does this scene even remotely exist anymore?

How much do you love your BlackBerry? Like, say, more than you love your spouse? As crazy as that sounds, it’s not too uncommon.

A recently conducted study by Sheraton suggests that, if given the choice, some 35 percent of business travelers would rather pal around with their BlackBerry than their spouse.

Just as frigtening, 84 percent of said travelers say they bring the BlackBerry into their bedroom, reading and sending e-mails when, at the very least, they shut be sleeping peacefully next to their partner.

Of course, this same study had to go out and get a few outside opinions, opinions saying that yes, something you should turn off RIM’s wunderfone and spend honest to goodness quality time with your family.

Now that’s crazy talk, quality time with the family. The way things are going, we’ll all be lucky to be wearing loincloths and fighting over rotten fruit before wintertime.