Peter Moore: Day Two

I’m getting all wrapped up in this interview with Peter Moore over at The Guardian. In today’s second part, he recounts his transition from the demise of the Dreamcast to his eventual move over to Microsoft. Seems he held some resentment against Sony PR for getting in the way of his Dreamcast plans.

After a hard time shifting Sega into a third party developer, he met up with Steve Ballmer who convinced him MS was ready to take on Sony. The focus was a head to head battle, and apparently Nintendo was an aside, although the conversation touched upon acquiring the sleeping giant. Imagine that, if Nintendo was a part of Microsoft…

There are some good specific Xbox 360 details too. From spending a day choosing which “mnemonic shhhhh noise” to choose for boot up, to confusing the bloggers with 20 different prototypes, it all makes for good reading.