HP df300a1 3.5” digital photo frame

This just makes sense. A nice little portable digital photo frame. Small and compact, the frame is perfect for showing off pics of the fam. It even comes with a leather protective case.

Power is supplied to the frame either through an AC adapter or via a USB cable. The rechargeable battery can handle up to two hours of show time between charges. Up to 45 JPEG pictures can be stored in internal memory, while SD, SDHC and MMC external formats are supported. The panel has an aspect ratio of 4:3 at 320×240 resolution, while having a contrast ratio of 400:1.

The frame isn’t gonna do much for the tech geek, but that is obviously not who this is aimed for. Gramma, however? It might just be perfect. Just remember to update the frame when you go visit her (tell her to pay you back the $60).

New, so check HP for availability.