CrunchDeals: 80 Duracell AA batteries for $30

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21QP4041RNL._SL500_AA150_PIbundle-2,TopRight,0,0_AA150_SH20_If there are two truths I’ve learned throughout my storied 29.5 years, it’s that 1) Everybody needs batteries and 2) Not everybody loves Everybody Loves Raymond. Some say it’s his voice or the constant bickering between his wife and his mother, but I digress.

Go to and buy 80 AA batteries from Duracell – it’ll be five two-packs at $8.07 each. Your total will add up to just over $40. Then use coupon code DURA908 at checkout and you’ll get $10 off. The deal is good on other Duracell batteries as well.

While $30 might seem like a pretty penny to spend on batteries, if you use a lot of AA’s this is a pretty good deal. Free shipping, too.

Duracell Ultra AA Batteries [ via dealnews]

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