Cray's CX1: a supercomputer for your desktop

Actually, it might not fit. Aside from the awful photoshop job Giz points out, there’s no way of saying how big this thing is. I’m guessing somewhat bigger than a microwave, but I could be wrong and it could be as tall as Cleopatra’s needle. The CX1 has a bunch of “nodes” that you can customize with CPUs, hard drives and so on, and actually runs on Windows. You can create your own for as little as ten grand or so, although you’ll want to trick it out a bit (and you have to be using IE). I like that you can get a “deskside rolling tray” for $520. I’ll tell you what, you give me $300 and I’ll build you a tray myself.

The bad part about the CX1 is that when it goes out of date, you can’t make it into a nice high-backed sofa.