Limited-edition red Xbox 360 controller for $64.99


Here’s an Xbox 360 controller – but wait! It’s red! It’ll be available on September 30th for $64.99. Wow, that’s a lot of dough for a controller. This is no ordinary controller, though. No, this controller is red. And it’s a “limited edition” controller, meaning that if you don’t buy it, you might have to use the standard white controller forever. Or the blue one. Or the pink one.

The red one, though, has “newly designed black accents” and it comes with a matching red rechargeable battery and a Play & Charge cable, allowing you to both play AND charge. The controller also features new left and right shoulder buttons “designed for ease of use,” which I applaud. Those things are tough to find in the heat of battle sometimes. And by “battle” I mean turn-based board game “Catan”.