Biodiesel's big break: Processors making their way into normal retail stores


Biodiesel is about to make the move from weirdo hobby to mainstream normality. Go Green Home Stores is working on bringing biodiesel brewers to its stores, making it so that folks don’t have to create their own ad-hoc device. You’d still have to supply the bio—mainly old vegetable oil—but you wouldn’t have to figure out, for example, how to turn an old water heater into the proper device.

Biodiesel also got a bump earlier in the year when Northern Tool decided to put similar machines in its catalog, with prices starting at around $3,000.

While the whole biodiesel movement does suffer somewhat from the perception that it’s nothing more than a bunch of hippies tied of listening to The Man, moves like Go Green’s can help to shake off that perception. Plus, any move away from petrol can only be a good thing, right?