ASUS taking on the Omnia with a 5-MP WinMo handset of their own?

Wuh-oh. Looks like the Samsung Omnia might soon have a heavy-handed challenger in the 5 MP Windows Mobile 6.1 handset arena. The specs are in no way official until ASUS gets around to makin’em so, but heres what can be gleaned from the shots: it has got a trackball in place of the Omnia’s optical sensor, a front facing camera, 3g, WiFi, Bluetooth, a solid resolution touch display (likely WQVGA [480×272]), and microSD support. No price point, availability, or any form of official word yet.

(On a side note: With all of these widescreen Windows Mobile handsets making there way out, how is that no one on the dev team has replaced the default backgrounds with something that won’t repeat 3/4 of the way down the screen?)

[Via wmuser and via The::unwired]