Sony unveils the HT-FS1 2.1 home theater speaker set

The advent of the super slim HDTVs ushered in the era of crappy, built-in speakers. Gone are the days of large cabinet TVs and decent sound, so inexpensive all-in-one speaker solutions are increasingly more popular. Sony’s latest is the HT-FS1 2.1 setup that sports three HDMI inputs and one out, allowing owners to run all the sources into the subwoofer, with just one cable ends up at TV.

The device even supports Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby ProLogic, and Dual Mono modes making the system somewhat enticing for those looking for quality sound through a simple setup. Sure, you aren’t gong to get true 5.1 surround, but it will beat the pants off the flat-panel’s integrated speakers. Word is, the HT-FS1 might hit Europe first and make its way around the globe eventually for a yet to be announced price. Since it’s nearly identical to the HT-CT100 though, and that model goes for $299, expect the HT-FS1 to fall in around the same price point.