1 Million RSS Readers: Thank You, TechCrunch Readers

Sometime last week, in the middle of the TechCrunch50 conference, we reached an awesome milestone – over 1 million average daily readers to our RSS feed. It took us just under 39 months to get to this point, a little over three years.

The number of subscribers tends to bounce around a lot because it represents the number of people each day who view our feed in a RSS reader like Google Reader, Outlook, NewsGator, BlogRovr or Netvibes (which happen to be our top five sources of RSS readers). On weekends, for example, it dips down quite a bit. Tuesday and Wednesday are usually our highest days on average.

Like most blogs, we continue to provide all of our content in full in the feed even though it means less visitors to the site and less page views. If someone takes the time to add us to their reader, I consider them to be among our most loyal readers even if they never actually visit our site.

If you would like to subscribe to the feed the information is on the top right of the site. The feed is feedproxy.google.com/TechCrunch. Alternatively you can subscribe via email just add our toolbar to your browser. For the truly early adopter users, you can also view our feed via Twitter or Friendfeed.

Thank you to everyone who reads our content, whether its by visiting the site or not. You allow me to do what I love best, and make a living from it: write about technology and new startups.