New iPhone App Will Make You A More-Informed Voter

Campaign app

With the Presidential election right around the corner, a new iPhone app called Campaign from Gorloch Interactive tries to provide you with all the dirt on both candidates to make you a “more-informed” voter.

The app is separated into three basic categories: news, polls, and candidates. Campaign collects the latest news from the campaign trail and claims it’s up-to-date each time you open the app. The polls section displays how well each candidate is performing a slew of metrics to show what the general public is thinking through election day. In the candidates tab, the app provides users with biographical data about the candidates and where each stands on major issues.

For those that want to get opinionated, Campaign also lets users engage in daily polls about the election and view the opinions of other iPhone users. Most importantly, it also lets users register to vote right in the application.

Once you start using the app, you quickly realize that user opinions are extremely split. After reading news about Barack Obama’s latest attack ad poking fun at John McCain for being a self-proclaimed Web novice, some are attacking McCain for his lack of understanding, while others are coming to his aid claiming a leader doesn’t need that kind of knowledge. You can also see how the candidates stack up with the daily polls, which can change drastically given the day’s headlines.

Campaign is available now in the iTunes store for $0.99. But if you want it, make sure to get it quick — the election will be over in under two months and once that happens, this app will be obsolete.

Campaign 2

Campaign 2

Campaign 2