iTunes deleting SD copies of high-def TV shows? Not for me.

Apple forums are churning right now with reports that when a user downloads a high-def TV show via iTunes 8, either the HD version or the free, SD version deletes itself upon completion due to a duplicate name. Since the reports are everywhere, I set out to replicate the self-deletion and report back to you with screenshots, only to find that it didn’t happen.

I started the free Office HD episode. Took about an hour to download the 1.83GBs of data.

The SD version finished first and created a file named “01 Fun Run, Pts. 1 & 2.m4v.”

Shortly there afterwards, the HD file finished. This one followed the standard OS X naming procedure for duplicate files and named itself “01 Fun Run, Pts. 1 & 2 1.m4v.”

So there it is and they work fine for me. Both files are living well on my iTunes 8, 10.4 OS X system.

Any readers experiencing this duplicate file deletion that these apple forum users are up in a tussle over?