Apple patent filing shows possible new Nike+iPod features: More accurate stats, built-in GPS


Doing some digging, AppleInsider found this patent filing dealing with the next generation of Nike+iPod. The beefed up exercise program would be able to provider users more accurate and more detailed information. For example, it would take into account the user’s age, weight and gender in order to provide a more thorough fitness snapshot.

The new system would also tell users when certain garments of closing have reached their sell-by date. “These shoes are too old to provide you the appropriate amount of support.” That type of thing.

There’d be additional odds and ends, including a GPS chip. This chip, along with being used for proper exercise info, would also help display ads. “Hey, you’re 300 meters away from a Starbucks. Wanna go?” Tremendous.

Of course, this being a patent filing, it’s possible that none of these features will ever see the light of day.