That Google Chrome Comic Book Is Up To $340 On Ebay (And We're Selling One Too)

When Google launched their Chrome browser last week they introduced it via a comic book created by Scott McCloud. Only a few physical copies of the book were created (I’ve asked Google for the exact number). An electronic version was published by Google here

It was a certainty that a few of the comic books would show up on eBay eventually. There are so few of them that an actual market isn’t likely to self-create. But the one that we found has been noticed, and as of this evening was bid up to AU $426, or about US $ 340. The auction ends in three hours, so bid now if you want it (they’ll ship to Australia, Europe, United States, Canada, New Zealand).

We have two copies of the book, and we’re going to sell one for charity. If you want it, comment below with the price you are willing to pay in US$. Highest bidder gets it (use your real email and be prepared to respond quickly), and if you want us to we’ll mention your site in our post on the winner. We’ll donate all the proceeds to Donors Choose, which raises money for schools. I’d do this sale on eBay, but charity auctions are a huge pain because of their verification procedures. Auction ends Monday.