TC50 (Demopit): Firefox Extension Deckkr Wants To Simplify Web Browsing

At TechCrunch50, there were a number of promising web companies, which didn’t make the cut as TechCrunch50 finalists, but were chosen as DemoPit participants instead.

One of these companies, which I thought was especially noteworthy, is called Mulodo, a web start-up based out of Tokyo. Mulodo showcased Deckkr, a Firefox extension that makes it possible to get around the web without having to open and switch between different tabs or windows.

I found the time to play around a little with Deckkr and it actually works as advertised. Click on the Deckkr button in the Firefox address bar and a small card-like window pops up, constantly overlaying the browser. If you go to a product page on Amazon, for example, the tool extracts information such as reviews and related products from it and displays the information within the Deckkr screen (in summary view). Deckkr similarly works on blogs (it lists the most recent entries) and YouTube.

Deckkr’s search tab makes it possible to search the web, images or within the tool window itself, rendering visits to other web sites unnecessary. Under the links tab, users can view their browsing history, access sites they bookmarked (within Deckkr and on and also email links to friends. It’s also possible to use Twitter and check your Gmail via Deckkr, all without having to navigate away from the site you are currently on.

Mulodo plans to monetize their service with targeted ads (Deckkr captures browsing behavior to some extent) and through partnerships with content providers wanting to display personalized content within the Deckkr window.

The extension debuted on Tuesday and is definitely worth checking out. Deckkr only works for Firefox 3 at this point, but Mulodo is considering to develop customized versions for the Internet Explorer and Safari in the near future.