GeoGraffiti rolls out of beta, onto iPhone

Oh, the memories that come rushing back at the mention of GeoGraffiti, the second thing I ever wrote about after joining up as MobileCrunch’s editor.

To quote myself for the sake of wallowing in the rays of nostalgia: “Now in public beta, GeoGraffiti is a free “Verbal Bulletin Board” that allows you to record and share location-specific voice notes, or ‘Voice Marks’, whether you’re on the go or in front of your computer.” At the time, GeoGraffiti was still in beta (albeit a public one), and I had one major gripe with it: it was a total pain to add voice marks from your phone.

They’ve since addressed that issue (at least for some of their userbase) with the release of a free iPhone application. It utilizes the iPhone’s GPS to more accurately place your voice marks, where as previously voice marks created on-the-go were only accurate to the zip code. While this obviously only helps folks with iPhones, the founder of Geograffiti has mentioned in the past plans to support Android handsets.