Yahoo oneConnect connects all

Today at CTIA Yahoo announced oneConnect for the Apple iPhone. The stand-alone app aims to aggregate all your social networks into one place. Naturally, all your favorites are included: Facebook, YouTube, Dopplr, Twitter, Flickr, even Friendster. Of course Yahoo being Yahoo, others are included too.

You can communicate with friends’ either via SMS or YIM with Messages, get real-time information about what your network is up to with Pulse, all while keeping your fave friends handy with Favorites. The information is presented in an at-a-glance view, so you can see pictures updated right alongside what your friend is doing.

Since the app is open, other IM’s can join, although right now, only YIM is supported. The app is available for free starting today in the App Store, or from Yahoo’s mobile site. Free. The hands-on ran pretty sweet, so it might be worth checking out.