Google Trounces Web Video Competitors With 5 Billion Views

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comScore on Wednesday announced its latest data showing July 2008 Web video views. And although everyone expected Google to beat up on its competitors, the company did so in convincing fashion by serving nearly half of all the videos viewed online during the month.

According to the figures, over 11 billion videos were viewed in July. Of that 11 billion, Google accounted for about 5 billion and its closest competitor, Fox Interactive (headlined by MySpace TV), only managed 445 million views. Microsoft rounded out the top three by serving almost 283 million videos.

Videos viewed

comScore also released unique visitor information, which was again topped by Google, which drew 92 million unique viewers in July. Fox Interactive managed almost 55 million viewers, and Yahoo finished third with 32 million unique viewers.

Everyone expects Google to beat its competitors each month, but few expected the kind of attention US viewers are giving to online video. According to the figures, 75 percent of all Americans viewed an online video in July and the average viewer watched 235 minutes of video during the month. More importantly for Google, the average YouTube user watched 54.8 videos in July, while the average MySpace viewer watched just 7.8 during the same period.

Videos viewed

Neither Google nor MySpace commented on the data, but the figures do suggest MySpace is having trouble attracting viewers and competing on the same level as YouTube. That’s not anything new, but at such a deficit, it better find a way to coax YouTube users to its side before its trouncing gets any worse.