TC50: Tingz Adds More Widgets to Your Life

Tingz has developed shareable widgets that work across multiple platforms such as the phone, computer, and TV. They can be used to manage and synchronize your data across these devices.

The startup presented today at TechCrunch50 during the Collaboration session. You can watch a video of its presentation here.

Tingz works on Mac OS X, the iPhone, and in Windows Media Center. In each, the interface is basically the same, which Tingz believes is the most useful feature it offers. And what it offers is quite substantial: it lets you find movie listings, watch trailers, pick showtimes, and purchase tickets, acquire recipes, and help find you restaurants in your area.

You can share your “Tingz” with friends that may want to see what sort of recipes you’re looking at or where you’re going for dinner.

The site has also set up some partnerships with content providers that feature a “Tingz” link that will let you expand the service and use its functionality directly in their software. For those sites that are not partners, Tingz sports a browser plugin that will add similar functionality.

Tingz was quick to point out that its Mac, Media Center, and iPhone integrations will sync with each other so you don’t have to worry about inputting your shopping list more than once. Equally as important, Tingz will roll out support for more devices, and add new apps, over time.

Expert Panelists

Don Dodge:

“Content aggregation widgets are not new, there are lots of them and I think what you’ve shown here is support for many devices, which could be a differentiator. The big problem is adoption and it’s tough to do that even with a nice looking product like that.”

Kevin Rose:

“There is a Lot of rebuilding the social graph out there and invite systems over email is over. You should work with Facebook Connect to help, but I’m a little concerned with the fact that OS X already has widgets. I don’t see anything compelling enough to make me want to switch. But I like some of the Web stuff to make it easy to send a recipe to my Mom, but there’s always an “email this” button.”

Don Dodge:

“Simple question, where’s the money and where does the advertising show up on the widget? Do you know of any good examples of advertising on widgets? I don’t.”

Answer: We believe that we can monetize this and put advertising on the bottom of each page.

Roleof Botha:

“I think you’re trying to do too much and few examples of things I can think of that can pull that off and most start with one product or service and become platforms over time. Facebook didn’t say it would become a platform business, so you should trim down your aperture.”