Apple releasing 120GB iPod Classic tomorrow?

With Apple’s September iPod event tomorrow, this one’s cutting it close.

Straight off the tip lines is a rear shot of a 120 GB iPod classic. The good news? The source is trusted. The bad news? We can’t show you the rest of the shot for the sake of watchin’ their back. We’re not tryin’ to be jerks here; quite the opposite. Take it with a grain of salt, need be.

With a 160GB already on the shelves, this could indicate a bump in the bottom line of the product.

The product in the shot doesn’t appear to be final goods, so it could just be a here-today-gone-tomorrow prototype. We do know that it’s packin’ a 120GB Toshiba drive inside, and that it’s the same thickness as the current 80GB. Will it launch tomorrow? We’ll know in a few hours.