TrekStor creates a thumb drive that you might actually keep in your pocket


Hot on the heels of our back to school week comes one of the most seemingly indispensable storage devices to date: The TrekStor USB stick with built-in bottle opener. Let’s face it, there have been a lot of stupid, dumb implementations of flash drives before (keychains, wristbands, necklaces, etc.) and a lot of brilliant implementations of bottle openers before (Reef’s “Fanning” sandals, for one) and it’s about time we got some crossover between the two.

The TrekStore flash drive comes in a solid, brushed aluminum housing and is available in capacities between one and 16 gigabytes. It’ll be available in October (hopefully it’ll make its way here) for between 6.99 and 49.99 Euro, depending on which capacity you choose – that’s about $10 to $70 US.

[via DVICE]