‘Spore’ gets walloped on Amazon thanks to DRM

510CQiYV2bL._SS400_How about that? It seems that people don’t like DRM. The highly-anticipated “Spore” has been released to a mob of angry customers, thanks to digital rights management that basically limits the game to being installed on a total of three different computers.

So let’s say that Spore is one of your favorite games and you play it year after year, new computer after new computer. When you try to install it on your fourth new computer, you apparently won’t be able to without calling up EA and providing your proof of purchase and the reason why you’re trying to install it on yet another system. Or let’s say you’ve got four computers right now and you want to legitimately take the disc between all four machines to play the game. Apparently that’s not allowed.

The DRM is provided by SecureROM, which has been a touchy issue in the past on games like BioShock and Mass Effect, to name a few. Those games’ DRM policies were eventually eased up in order to appease angry customers, so it’s possible that the same may happen with Spore. It’s just odd that EA would keep trying to get away with stuff like this when it turns current and prospective customers off so much.