Phoload app store aims at Java mobiles

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Phoload is a new startup designed as a mobile app store for free software. It’s a two-person self-funded UK outfit which will build advertising around the site and possibly other revenue streams. So far 150+ developers have uploaded 180+ items of software, ranging from location-based apps and social networks, through to classic arcade games. Competitors include the massive Getjar and Nokia’s Mosh – and of course the iPhone app store. But Phoload will only offer apps on the Java Micro Edition platform initially – although this admittedly supports 2.1 billion phones currently.

  • Mark Bailey

    This looks like a well executed site, but so many app stores! I guess it is indicative of exciting times for mobile, with the proliferation of new platforms, phone capabilities, and mobile software startups. Although, except for a few smug smartphone users, I still don’t see that many people using software on their phones out and about. It’s gotta happen some time though. Maybe the long awaited breakthrough for mobile is upon us…

  • Darren Lee

    I like mobile startups! The future of the mobile computing is real!! I am waitiing for the big consumer adoption of replacing laptops/pcs with mobile phones!!

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  • Owen

    Jasus, this guy Darren keeps spaming!!! Check out his spam on the TC 50 comments. WTF, how not to promote your business. DICK

  • inwadeGen
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