MAMroam V2: More roaming, more data

The inimitable Pat Phelan has just announced MAXroam v2, an upgrade and improved version of his popular MAXroam SIM. The service now offers more roaming options along with data plans. From his blog:

Data roaming – from 0.005/kb
USA Roaming – from €0.39 per minute
These are two huge milestones for us, USA as it the most visited country by global cellular customers and Data as its the last frontier for the rip-off operators.
• New, more user friendly design
• Improved online store allowing you to buy more than one SIM per order
• New videos guides to help you use MAXroam better
• Data – from 0.005/kb
• USA Roaming – from €0.39 per minute
• Coverage now in 175 countries with over 450 partner carriers

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