All The TC50 Diggs, Feeds, Tweets, and Blog Posts You Can Handle

I know where I am going to be checking to see what people are saying about TechCrunch50 this week. The TechCrunch50 Aggregator. It is a site developed by Sean Percival to collect all the Twitters, FriendFeed comments, blog posts, news stories, photos, videos, Diggs,and Techmeme headlines that are tagged “techcrunch50″or “tc50.”

Even right now, in the middle of the night before the show starts, you can see a picture of the team still unloading boxes, read Robert Scoble lamenting via Twitter that nobody has yet leaked the list of TC50 finalists (ha!), and other various opinions.

The site is laid out in a Netvibes-like grid, with tabs across the top to narrow the results by source. If this helps filter and focus the noise around TechCrunch50, the same approach could be used for other events and topics as well.

What tags should Percival aggregate next?