Google Analytics Now Tracks Chrome. Our Share: 6.23%

Until today Google was saying Google Analytics would not track Chrome usage for some time. Today they added Chrome tracking, allowing site owners to see how many of their users are coming to the site from the Chrome Browser.

Clicky continues to track Chrome usage in the 2-3% range across its 45,000 sites. Use of Chrome among TechCrunch readers is much higher: 6.23% since Tuesday, making it the fourth most popular browser among TechCrunch readers after Firefox, IE and Safari.

Nearly all the market share was taken from IE. Firefox actually gained almost 2% share in the last two days, and Safari was up more than 1%. IE, though, dropped from 30.77% to 23.92%. Compare our previous chart without Chrome to this, taken a few minutes ago:

The fact that a large percentage of readers are using Chrome doesn’t surprise me, given how many early adopter types read this blog. But i expected these users to be bailing on Firefox, not IE. If they hadn’t switched away from IE after four years of Firefox being around, it seems odd that they would jump ship now.