Mitsubishi announces trio of 1080p projectors

CEDIA is set to begin tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean companies won’t be announcing products today. Mitsubishi just announced two Diamond Series 1080p projectors, HC7000U (pictured) and HC6500U, which both happen to be some of the quietest available on the market, secreting 17 dBa in low mode. The HC7000U is the flagship model and it has a 70,000:1 contrast ratio, which is attributed to the use of polarization.

No word on price or availability, yet.

Also announced today is the HD8000. This particular model is suited for home theaters that can’t quite block out all the light in the surrounding areas. The 1080p projector puts out 5000 lumens and uses three 1.1-inch 3LCD inorganic panels. For added convenience the HD8000 includes a DVI connector with an HDMI-to-DVI adapter and support for RJ45. The lens can be shifted both vertically and horizontally with power zoom and focus. If you have $15,000 lying around then pick one up this month.