Google co-founder says Chrome on the way for Android

The browser-bearing world was atwitter yesterday with the announcement of Google’s Chrome browser. Just about overnight, they’ve managed to convince hordes of people that Chrome is the way to browse on your PC. Next step? They’re taking it mobile.

According to an interview with Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the two projects will start working together more closely now that both are approached 1.0 releases, with the Android browser adopting much of Chrome’s inner workings. He also expects the mobile browser to pick up a new name to indicate the relation to it’s bigger, full-blown browsin’ brother.

With Mobile Safari and Skyfire already surfing the tubes, Firefox Mobile lookin’ down right awesome, and a Mobile Chrome in the works, it looks like the age of the horrible mobile browsing experience is coming to an end.

[Via Cnet]