Google Chrome Not So Lively

People (well, us) are starting to put a list together of Google products that don’t play nicely with Chrome, their new Windows-only browser.

First up is Google Analytics, which doesn’t track Chrome usage separately from Firefox (why Firefox?) for now, even though other services made the change immediately. Since Chrome is a two-year project and shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone at Google, the cynic in me thinks they will wait until they have a few points of market share:

Q. Will I see Google Chrome listed as a browser in my Google Analytics reports?
A. Because Google Chrome was not launched externally until today, we haven’t yet changed Google Analytics to recognize it when you segment by browser within reports. However – this will change in the coming weeks (until then, the browser will show as Firefox). We’ll let you know when the change happens.

And Lively (remember Lively? That was two months ago) requires Windows Vista/XP with Internet Explorer or Firefox. No virtual world for you, Chrome users.

I’ll just point out that Google Trends still won’t track most Google sites, either.

Thanks Aaron and Dave for emailing us on this.