Unsolvable subwoofer inspired by Rubik’s cube


Like the Rubik’s Cube, do you? Also like booty-thumping bass in your face? Then you, my friend, are the ideal marketing segment for Elac, maker of the Rubik’s Cube-inspired MicroSub 2010 BT subwoofer.

IFAmaid_sub2010 It’s not as huge as it looks in the above photo, unless the lady in the photo on the right has serious issues with her pituitary gland. She’s holding the standard, non Rubik’s Cube version of the the MicroSub 2010 BT subwoofer in one dainty (or gigantic) hand.

From a technical standpoint, the 2010 BT is a 2.1 Bluetooth-enabled speaker system (there are two small satellite tweeters that go along with the subwoofer).

The whole setup isn’t NEW new (announced about a month ago), but it was supposed to be available in June/July of this year according to the company’s marketing PDF. It’s not out yet, though, so pricing and availability seem to still be up in the air.

[via Shiny Shiny]