Shure goes after mobile device market with six new headsets

In my honest opinion there are way too many companies catering to Apple and it’s stupid iPhone. I really, really can’t stand this so-called phone. It’s constantly crashing and sucks as a phone. I can’t wait for the new BlackBerry Bold and/or the T-Mobile G1.

Anyway, Shure announced an entry-level sound isolating music listening device today aimed at iPhone users. The SE102MPA’s have interchangeable “Sound Isolating” sleeves, an inline mic and it comes with Shure’s wildly popular Music Phone Adapter. I use a set of high-end Shure’s along with my Ultimate Ears and they’re great, but I wonder how good a pair of $100 Shure’s would be.

Additional SE102MPA features

* Dynamic MicroSpeakers: Professional-grade Dynamic MicroSpeakers bring premium, rock star sound quality to the “everyday audiophile.”
* Low-profile VoicePort™ Microphone: Tuned to enhance intelligibility regardless of background noise, this professional grade Shure microphone uses VoicePort technology to provide superior sound quality and ensure that callers hear each other clearly even in noisy environments.
* Modular Cable Design: Shure is now extending the modularity concept it pioneered with its SE models to its SE Sound Isolating Stereo Mobile Headsets. An interchangeable cable provides unmatched flexibility and boundless options for consumers to personalize their converged devices.
* Sound Isolating Sleeves: Shure signature Sound Isolating Sleeves prevent outside noise from interfering with a consumer’s audio experience and block more background noise than active noise cancellation technology. Interchangeable earphone fit options deliver unparalleled personal customization and comfort.
* Carrying Pouch/Included Accessories: The SE102MPA is packaged with a zipper-less drawstring pouch and three pairs of soft flex sleeves (S, M, L).

Here’s info on the other headsets announced today.

Shure SE Sound Isolating Stereo Mobile Headsets (SE110MPA, SE210MPA, SE310MPA, SE420MPA, SE530MPA)

In addition to the SE102MPA, Shure is also introducing several other SE Sound Isolating Stereo Mobile Headsets: the SE110MPA, SE210MPA, SE310MPA, SE420MPA and SE530MPA, a new headset family that offers Shure’s acclaimed SE earphone models bundled with the MPA.

These new products combine all of consumers’ favorite attributes of Shure SE models – including superior audio quality, beautiful design, modular capabilities, comfort and portability – with the convenience of a detachable stereo mobile headset. The bundled models will include all accessories currently packaged with existing Shure SE models. The SE110MPA, SE210MPA, SE310MPA, SE420MPA and SE530MPA also include a 3-foot extension cable for users who prefer to remove the MPA.

Pricing and Availability

* SE102MPA: $99.99 retail price; $119.99 MSRP
* SE110MPA: $129.99 retail price; $154.99 MSRP
* SE210MPA: $179.99 retail price; $214.99 MSRP
* SE310MPA: $279.99 retail price; $334.99 MSRP
* SE420MPA: $379.99 retail price; $429.99 MSRP
* SE530MPA: $469.99 retail price; $519.99 MSRP