PPLparty to become Youmeo – A UK FriendFeed?

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PPLparty.com, a three year old social networking site for UK party-going clubbers, re-launches next Monday as Youmeo, a social networks aggregator somewhat along the lines of FriendFeed (you know, plug in your Twitter details, Flickr account, etc).

PPLparty founder 19-year old Calum Brannan remains the founder of the new site which basically ports the old PPlparty community into the new youmeo skin and adds aggregation services. It’s a good move as PPLparty was never likely to scale out of its regional-flavoured clubbing crowd and its figures have not looked so good recently. Youmeo will help it to scale, though whether its new Web 2.0 incarnation will take off remains to be seen.

  • http://www.aranaio.com john m howitt

    Scale, not likely is it? My prediction is we are for a mass extinction of social network sites whether they are niche, business or aggregator.

  • http://youmeo.com Calum Brannan

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for that – we’re really excited about the new incarnation. Interesting about the traffic figures though – Compare seems to show the opposite of Alexa, which shows an ongoing upward trend. Still, I’m the first to admit that stats can be misleading. We’ll keep you posted
    Best wishes

  • http://youmeo.com Calum Brannan
  • http://londonbikers.com Jay Adair

    Am I the only one who thinks the name and site design (from the above screenshot) are a poor copy of Vimeo?

  • Perry

    youmeo stands for you and me Online
    I like what I seen before the downtime, vimeo’s a video site..

  • jas

    Yeah good to see a local guy to me launch a newish startup,rockon i will keep an eye on the traffic stats to see how you are progressing,gaining traction is the most difficult part of any startup and i see you are already getting some thanks to techcrunch………good luck !

  • david ruskin

    Could people stop looking at traffic stats from 3rd party websites to gauge a companies success or potential etc. With social networking it is not merely about unique hits etc. It is about how many registered members you have, how often they repeatedly visit the site, how long do they spend each visit etc. Therefore unique hits to a homepage have little or no relevance. Does a user visit the site, enter key data, go back to use the site, buy its products and services or link through to them etc.
    You could have one network site with 100,000 unique visits a week, with little or no interaction. Or another website with 10,000 fully signed up members who visit twice a week on average, spending 20 minutes at a time, roaming the site, interacting with adverts, buying products etc. It is obvious which one is more headline grabbing and which one has the real power.

    Also, ppl party claimed they had 400,000 users (once again how many are active accounts) in Press launched in the middle of 2007. Which is once again made up? By now it would have expanded much more rapidly and with that many members (if true) would have been a takeover/acquistion target). Also, why would a site with a ‘claimed 400,000 users’ have their site inactive for months over the summer as they build the new rebranded youmeo. Wouldn’t these 400,000 users mind if they were using it on a regular basis. Imagine bebo, or FB freezing their site while they go through a rebrand? This shows and by looking into the forums when they were people party (hardly any replies, or topics posted for a supposed 400,000 users) that the 400,000 users was used as an attention grabbing headline. Working as a system administrator, who also advices large net based companies how all of these small startups, hype their companies with pr without the real substance to back it up. PPlparty was a small site based in coventry with the local youngsters on it and nothing more. A lot of companies think that PR at infacny stage will get them the attention from the big advertisers etc. which will then get them revenue to then actually obtain the initial claimed members etc. Whereas the Google’s, FB etc. of this world build up their strength users etc. underground first and then when they are powerful and have the revenue,real users etc. to back it up do you hear about them in the press.

    One minute the youmeo/pplparty founder said ‘it was a niche network for clubbbers’ now it is an aggregator service. After looking at people party they have at the most 10,000 members (how many active i can’t say). Also, the profile section etc. is so basic and dated offering nothing new or appealing.

    Any internet savvy person after speniding half an hour to and hour in a site can see whether the site is the real deal or not!

  • Huw

    To the above.. so what? Let’s see where this goes, about time we had a UK success story. Good luck to ’em

  • David Ruskin

    To Huw “so what?” (great detailed counter response), I wish every startup success, especially ones in the U.K. However I want more realism, instead of startups that are claiming they are going to do this and that in the press etc. before they have done it or claim things that can be seen as overly exaggerated. Look at the tech boom bust of 2001, it was exactly because of companies hyping their figures etc. (to gain massive valuations etc.) when there was no real substance and thats one of the reasons of the bust. To Huw have you heard of the credit crunch? It is exactly this type of mentality where banks,housing were all overhyped and didn’t have the real foundations to back it up. It’s a bit like univillage.com (launched in Sep 06) backed by Brent Hoberman for students claiming they had 30,000 freshers sign up in the first week and would have all first years signed up by XMAS but have since flopped (cos it was all hype). Good Luck to YOUMEO but this claiming of huge amounts of users (hugely inflated to say the least) “400,000” has got to stop!!
    Also, to Jas getting traction is to obtain and exceed critical mass from users not by being featured on techcrunch.

  • http://youmeo.com Calum Brannan

    Cheers David.. for your comments, an interesting opinion.. and we’re all entitled to opinions.. :)

  • Mike

    David is right though, you can clearly tell by browsing the forum alone how in-active this site is. Congratulations for having a database of what, 400,000 email addresses – but what good is that when there is clearly next to none active users.

    I keep seeing this site crop up occasionally, isn’t this yet another time it’s been yet again rebranded?

    Since April, all I’ve seen this site do is redesign again and again and everytime offer little but the occasional facebook feature and coming soon notices. This will never take off, sorry.

    My advice, sell those email addresses and get working on a unique product.

  • http://www.teenageforums.com Shane Rounce

    youmeo.com is awesome! it;s sure to take of really soon, just needs that little nudge. ;)
    Anyway, add me people: http://www.youmeo.com/shane

  • Jimmy

    I joined registered a few accounts and didn’t stay active, but today I checked it and I’m actually thinking I could make some use of the site (plus I like the design a lot better then facebook and myspace). The reason I didn’t stay with it before was because the activity on forums was low and the fusion process wasn’t user friendly. I wasn’t able to rediscover where I go to link accounts.

  • http://www.pplparty.com nijathan

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elena-Lee/100002320134264 Elena Lee

    It is the nice news then

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