Nokia's Comes With Music launches next month in the UK


Nokia’s Comes With Music will launch in the UK next month, before spreading to the Continent and to Asia next year.

Comes With Music, you may remember, is Nokia’s scheme to include music from the top record companies (less EMI, for now) with its cellphones, slowly getting the company into the Apple-dominated music business.

Nokia has not given any specific price points for Comes With Music Cellphones, but said that pay-as-you-go consumers had indicated to it in surveys that they’d be willing to pay somewhere between £100-£300 ($178-$535; wow, the dollar has improved since the last time I checked) for such a cellphone. Yeah, not me. A POS MP3 player, loaded with sweet, sweet V0s, can be had for like ~$0 these days. Yes, zero dollars. Get a knock-off one, it’s not like the iPod sounds that good or anything.

The first cellphone that will work Come(s) With Music is the Nokia 5310.