New MSI Wind models to be sold in the UK


Our friends across the pond will soon have some options as far as the MSI Wind netbook is concerned. Three new versions will be available soon, although there’s no definite time frame apart from “contact a local official MSI distributor,” per MSI.

So here’s what’s coming. First, the U90X-007UK (pictured far left) will have an 8.9-inch screen instead of the standard 10-inch screen. See that black border around the LCD panel? Looks like the body and everything else is the same standard Wind, just with a smaller screen. This one will have the standard 80GB hard drive, but it’ll be running SUSE Linux and will cost only £269.

Then there’s a black version (pictured center), which features all the same specs of the standard MSI Wind notebooks except that it’ll have a larger 120GB hard drive. That one will cost £329.

Finally, the U100-054UK (pictured far right) is your stock MSI Wind through and through except for the obvious color difference. It’s pink. It’ll sell for £319.