Logitech goes thin with new Illuminated keyboard

You heard it here, folks. I’m going back to Windows! Well, not entirely, but my office rig will soon be a Windows-based PC. Thanks to my brother for donating his old machine to me. So now I’m in the market for some new goodies. I already have the Logitech MX Revolution mouse, which is hands down the best mouse I’ve ever owned and now I’m in the market for a keyboard.

Luckily for me Logitech announced three new keyboards today. We’ll start with the diNovo keyboard for Notebooks first since we’ve covered it on multiple occasions in the past. It’s no different than the rest of the diNovo line offering a gloss black finish, full-size layout, number pad, brushed-aluminum palm rest and an ultra-thin form factor (.87 inches). Look for it this October for $100.

The S520 doesn’t do much for me, but it looks to be your basic cordless keyboard. I’m sure it’s a great all around keyboard.

And now for the main event, the Illuminated keyboard that’s all of .37-inches thin. Just look at those images of it. Don’t you want one? I sure as heck do. I think I found my new keyboard and it’s only $80!

The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard makes typing easy – even in the dark. To optimize existing backlight technology, Logitech combined microlens reflectors, a multilayer painting process and laser etching – creating a backlight experience that is brighter, sharper and easier to read. Whether you’re typing an e-mail or chatting with a friend, the adjustable backlight gives you just the right amount of light.

With its transparent frame, the ultra-thin Illuminated Keyboard (.37 inches or 9.3 mm from base to frame) adds an elegant touch to any desk. Balancing form and function, the keyboard offers a full-size key layout (including a number pad), soft-touch palm rest and a full row of F-keys, as well as media- and volume-control keys for instant command of your entertainment.