GetClicky Analytics Service Tracking 2% Google Chrome Usage

Web analytics startup GetClicky says that almost 2% of all internet traffic to the 45,000 websites they monitor is coming from Google Chrome today. That’s sure to dip down as a lot of people go back to their normal browsers, and their client base is certainly not statistically relevant to the Internet as a whole. But if the experience these people are having with Chrome is anything like what I see on our Windows test machine, a lot of them will be making Chrome their new default browser.

Google Analytics, which is what we use at TechCrunch, doesn’t track Chrome usage yet (we’ll see tomorrow after the delay period ends). But our users have never been very representative of the Internet as a whole anyway. 56% of TechCrunch readers from the last 30 days use Firefox, compared to 31% for Internet Explorer and 10% for Safari. Full TechCrunch stats below: