Apple to launch app that adds extra features to your iTunes music downloads

snowpatrol 1

Apple will release an application for its App Store next month that taps into iTunes, and provides users with all sorts of extra content, like lyrics, exclusive artwork, yada yada. The first album to benefit from the application will be Snow Patrol’s A Hundred Million Suns, which sounds a little emo for Snow Patrol. That’s them there, by the way. They’re pretty good.

Since it’s on the App Store, the extra features will only be available to iPhone and iPod touch users.

If nothing else, it’s another way for Apple to say, “Why would you bother to buy a clunky CD now that we give you artwork, lyrics, etc.? Wasn’t that one of the main reasons why people kept buying CDs?” That, and sound quality, but young people don’t seem too concerned with that nowadays.