Angelsoft 3.0 Launches With 400 Angel Investment Groups In Tow


Angelsoft on Tuesday announced that it has officially launched version 3.0 of its angel funding platform, which will connect entrepreneurs to over 400 angel investment groups and 11,000 investors across the world.

According to the company, the new Angelsoft 3.0 offers three new features that make it easier for startups to find the right venture funding. First, the company built a search engine that exposes the 400 angel investment groups to entrepreneurs. But because Angelsoft gets 2,000 startup applications each month, the company was concerned that investors would stop looking at all the applications due to sheer volume. To funnel the applications more efficiently, Angelsoft will let entrepreneurs “push” their idea to three investment groups at a time so more startups can be matched with the right investors.

More importantly, Angelsoft 3.0 also added a Digg-like feature, which lets investors rate their existing portfolio companies based on the success of each startup. Based on the rating, the most viable startups should rise to the top, letting other investors know that it’s worthwhile investing in the firm when entrepreneurs look to increase funding. Unfortunately, startups cannot rate investors so the rating is really just a one-way street.

Angelsoft’s home page also offers a Google Maps mashup, which provides real-time information on what’s going on in the community.

For all the tools on the site, it doesn’t seem like money is changing hands too often. According to the company’s statistics, just 1.32 percent of startups have been funded and just 24.72 percent have been screened.

Regardless, Angelsoft 3.0 looks like a fine offering for both investors and startups alike. And with the help of some of its new features, the 11,000 investors and thousands of entrepreneurs should find each other much easier.
Angelsoft 3.0 Introduction Video from Angelsoft on Vimeo.